16 Essential Maintenance Tips

We understand how big of a commitment and investment building a new custom home is. And we also know that our customers want to keep the new home looking and feeling new. But where does one start? There are daily duties that affect the appearance and overall enjoyment of the...

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Custom Home Planning with Babb Custom Homes

Garage? Check. Bathrooms? Check. Closets? Check. These fundamental pieces seem obvious in custom home planning. But some things aren’t as obvious. Extra outlets in the kitchen for appliances on the counter? Not check. Babb Custom Homes wants you to have the home you love, love, love. This will require experience...

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Building a Home on a Budget

By the time people get around to building a custom home, they’ve usually lived in enough places to know what they want in a house and what they definitely do not want. They also usually know what they’re willing to pay to make those desires a reality. It’s so hard,...

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Interior Design From a Custom Home Builder

One of the many reasons at Babb Custom Homes we love building a custom home, as opposed to a Production home or Spec home, is that we can personalize each house to the homeowner’s wants. For example, a humidor is difficult to incorporate into a home that was built without...

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The First Steps in the Homebuilding Process

When someone thinks of the homebuilding process, their first thoughts are rarely about the paperwork, resourcing, and meetings. That’s actually a good thing. As you’ll see in a moment, dreaming about the visible parts of the homebuilding process is essential and we recommend doing it first. It’s easier to talk...

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