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Interior Design From a Custom Home Builder

One of the many reasons at Babb Custom Homes we love building a custom home, as opposed to a Production home or Spec home, is that we can personalize each house to the homeowner’s wants. For example, a humidor is difficult to incorporate into a home that was built without...

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The First Steps in the Homebuilding Process

When someone thinks of the homebuilding process, their first thoughts are rarely about the paperwork, resourcing, and meetings. That’s actually a good thing. As you’ll see in a moment, dreaming about the visible parts of the homebuilding process is essential and we recommend doing it first. It’s easier to talk...

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Weatherproofing Your Custom Home

At Babb Custom Homes, we want to talk today about options for weatherproofing your new custom home. With a long history of extreme weather, the people of the Grand Strand area, and others, have dealt with catastrophe and rebuilding decade after decade. There has to be a way to protect...

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Space Saving Ideas for Your Dream Home

Well, if one good thing came out of the tiny home trend we saw in Facebook pop-up ads a couple years ago (I think those people realized they could buy a good used camper for $3,000 and be just as miserable), it’s the inspiration to minimize clutter and wasteful areas...

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Trends for Modern House Design Plans

We can’t do much about cultural trends. For example, no one knew to stop Mumble Rap from happening before it was too late, but we can build modern house design plans with a studio in it, or maybe a whole-home entertainment system, in case you want to create or project...

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Design Ideas for Creating Energy Efficient Homes

With environmental concerns growing and the cost of energy consumption all but certain to rise, it behooves us to design energy efficient homes. Whether it’s a whole house approach which the Department of Energy recommends, or simply a few adjustments, let’s look at some considerations as you plan to design...

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How to Choose the Best New Home Builders

Are you thinking about having a custom home built but don’t know who to count on to build the home of your dreams? We understand! With all the options out there these days, it’s hard to know how to choose the best new home builders for your project. Since we’re...

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