Custom Homes with Southern Coastal Charm

At Babb Custom Homes, we’re often asked to design and build to the unique style of the coastal carolinas, but what exactly does that look like? Well, it’s a seamless fusion that brings warmth, style, and a touch of the beach into the heart of home design. From color palettes inspired by sprawling ocean to architectural styles that embrace the climate and history of this area, we invite you to join us for an exploration of custom design that delivers hometown, Southern coastal style. Whether you’re here to simply appreciate these beautiful homes, or you’re looking for inspiration for your own home, welcome. Let’s wander together where tradition meets the tranquil allure of the coast. 

Coastal Elegance

With a symphony of tans, blues, greys, and a whisper of quartz pink, this home has the perfect palette to not only evoke the spirit of coastal landscapes but also effortlessly align with classic southern paint colors. The shiplap-style ceiling feature adds a touch of rustic elegance, reminiscent of traditional beach homes. Rustic stained floors ground the space with warmth, and the large windows are the perfect frame for breathtaking coastal views that invite the outdoors in. See more of this custom home in North Myrtle Beach, SC.

Stylish Space for Beach Toys

We love the way functionality meets charm in this garage that not only shelters cars but also embraces the laid-back beach lifestyle. Customized storage for beach fun like golf carts and wagons seamlessly integrates with the practicality of the space. From the tranquil blue paint  to the chair rail molding and the barn stars adorning the walls, this garage was designed with more than utility in mind, showcasing that perfect nod to coastal charm, where every detail is crafted for aesthetic delight. Check out more of this custom home in Sunset Beach, NC.

Retreats from the Heat

Of course, any Southern home needs a comfortable place to enjoy nature but escape some of the heat. The backyard of this picturesque home feels like a journey through port towns, where history and charm intertwine seamlessly. The back porch, adorned with brick columns reminiscent of downtown Charleston and Wilmington, has a simple elegance. Communal spaces like this are where Southern hospitality converges with the coastal allure, creating a retreat for comfortably enjoying the coastal breeze and flora. See more of this custom home in Little River, SC.

Comfortable Atmosphere

The color scheme of this home is more sand, driftwood, and sweet tea than sunny skies, but it is no less comfortable and charming, especially thanks to the coffered ceilings of this room. These are not only a beautiful visual element, their noise-dampening effects can help keep your home atmosphere peaceful. When you add the built-in fireside bookcases, it’s clear this is a beach retreat for all seasons. Check out more of this custom home in North Myrtle Beach, SC. 

Nods to Tradition

The exterior of this house seamlessly blends Southern grace and coastal allure. As you ascend the charming petticoat stairs, a nod to Southern architectural tradition, the expansive porch beckons with rocking chairs and well ornamented windows, inviting moments of relaxation and sweet tea-sipping. The blue ceiling isn’t just a whimsical touch; “haint blue” is another nod to local tradition that originated in Gullah communities and spread throughout the South. The result is a sweet blend of Southern superstition and coastal vibes. Click for more pictures of this custom home in Shalotte, NC. 

Persistent Panoramas 

Last but not least is the widow’s walk, a distinctive and charming architectural feature regularly seen on the East coast. Perched atop many historic homes, especially prevalent in regions like the Lowcountry or along the Gulf Coast, the widow’s walk holds a unique allure. Originally designed as an observation deck, it served as a vantage point for seafaring spouses awaiting the return of loved ones from the sea. Today, this elevated perch has evolved into a captivating element of coastal homes, offering panoramic views of the ocean and allowing residents to sunbathe and bask in the beauty of the surrounding landscape. It encapsulates the enduring spirit of coastal living, blending history, practicality, and aesthetic appeal into a single, iconic architectural gem. See more of this custom home in Myrtle Beach, SC. 

Thank you for joining us on this tour of custom design that delivers hometown, Southern coastal charm. We love the homes we design, so it’s fun for us to share them like this. Yes, each one of these homes was built by Babb Custom Homes, so if these pictures have you longing for your beachy dream house, we’re here to make it a reality.