The Present and Future Home Trends and Design Plans

A trendy living room with simplistic furniture and dynamic walls and ceiling

Wouldn’t it be nice to build a time machine and go to the future? We could know which stocks to buy now that will blow up and make us billionaires. We could know if they ever invent a pill for losing weight that could help us enjoy more tacos now guilt free. Of course, there’s the risk you run that future-you would slap you in the face for something you haven’t even done yet. But still – billionaires! Well, it won’t likely make you a billionaire, but Babb Custom Homes does stay privy to current and projected trends. With that in mind, here are some home trends and design plans for 2022. 

#1. A Continuation of Existing Trends

Before we get into the surging tastes and priorities of the new age, know that many of the current custom home trends and design preferences will continue or expand. 

  • Open Floor Plans
  • Kitchen-centric Main Spaces
  • Larger Bathrooms
  • Prominent Windows
  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Smart Technology

#2. Burgeoning Styles and Priorities

As with every previous time, the present is made up of the remnants of the past and eagerness for the future. Custom home design is a perfect snapshot of the values and tastes for an age. Here are some features we currently see in home plans.

Multi-use Spaces

Utilizing historically wasted space is all the rage. 

  • Bookshelves under the stairs
  • Benches in front of the windows
  • Storage structures in a larger garage
  • Offices in various areas because of mobility
  • Mudrooms, laundry, and pet stations with entryways

Smarter Technology

Efficient, eco-friendly, customizable, personalized appliances, materials, hardware, and components take center stage in many custom home trends and design plans.

  • Ductless HVAC systems
  • Zone heating and cooling
  • Remote programming of thermostats and water systems
  • Mobile controls for appliances and lighting
  • Pet Cams with communication
  • Appliances and devices that interact (more coming rapidly)


Eco-friendly values are gaining momentum, especially among younger homeowners and their home plans reflect that. 

  • Water-saving plumbing components
  • High-Efficiency appliances and windows
  • Window coverings
  • Tankless water heaters
  • LED lighting
  • Extra insulation
  • Electric fireplaces

#3. Anticipating the Future

From concern about the environment to the rise in remote working to the change in demographics to predicting future aesthetics, there is plenty to think about when designing a home plan.

Eco-friendly Planning

Even if environmental concerns aren’t a priority to you, they may be to whoever shops for homes in the future. There are all but certain upcoming realities to consider. 

  • Electric everything 
  • Programmable everything
  • Infrastructure for electric cars
  • More storage organizing structures
  • Multi-use spaces to reduce size and resources needed
  • Dry weather landscaping to reduce water usage
  • Trees to block the sun and wind
  • Solar power
  • Self shading windows

Changes to Lifestyle

Likely, our increasing independence from offices and schools, along with better connectivity and devices, will reduce the need for dedicated, large offices. And as long as stress and exhaustion exist, custom home builders will look for even more ways to turn bathrooms into spa-like sanctuaries. These and more are worth thinking about when designing a home. 

  • Micro offices
  • Dining rooms less popular
  • Outlets galore
  • Luxury bathrooms
  • Large patios, decks, and living rooms for hosting
  • Kitchens for multiple chefs (large islands and more space between components)
  • Main level bedrooms for aging residents and guests
  • She-sheds/saunas/separate storage spaces
  • Humidors, exercise rooms, wine cellars, craft rooms, and other prioritized activity spaces
  • Breakfast nooks and sunrooms


Trying to predict the tastes and cultural shifts associated with exterior and interior design is like trying to predict the weather. But…we pool from the latest and greatest sources to make sure our customers are informed. Research these trends and see what you think.

  • Lots of plants inside such as snake plant, monstera, and sweetheart
  • Organic materials like exposed wood, bamboo, and crazy but fast approaching eco-friendly alternatives like biophilic matter (made from fungus roots and harder than concrete) and bark materials.
  • “Natural” looks like leather on furniture, stone, and brick, plus the plants and organic materials mentioned
  • Simple decorations
  • Sparse objects to facilitate peace and other positive emotions (borderline feng shui)
  • Attempts at timelessness through simplicity and practicality
  • Ergonomically designed cabinets, drawers, doors, windows, and even furniture
  • Earthy and warm tones
  • Painted ceilings and trim that match the rooms
  • Materials chosen that promote sustainable living
  • Mixture of previous eras (even the avocado green and Grey Poupon yellow of the 70s is back) 
  • Clean lines, soft rugs, warm colors – comfort and peace is the goal
  • Simple broad spaces but dynamic accents
  • Quality outdoor furniture conducive to frequent use

Babb Custom Homes has been around. We’ve had great success in the past preparing homeowners for the future with custom home trends and design plans. We continue now to stay up to date with options and styles and always keep our customers informed. Babb’s even has the future in mind when we help design your dream home. If you want to discuss options further and set up an appointment, contact us when you’re ready. We love helping our customers and we’d love a chance to prove it!