When Joan and I decided to build, we interviewed several Builders. When we met Charlie and his Office Staff (Heather and Chelsey) we realized that here was a person we could work with. We had built two other homes back in the 70's and were very concerned on finding someone that we would be comfortable with - Charlie was the person.

Once we started the process we realized that building today is not like building in the 70's. Charlie has you involved in all aspects of the project and decision making. He is also very much in tune with the requirements of the POA's architectural requirements and other guidelines that need to be followed.  He worked very closely with The Thistle group in insuring that no rules were violated forcing rework.

He provided us with a list of vendors, then as he found alternate sources who could help reduce the cost, he referred us to them never sacrificing quality. And this wound up saving quite a substantial amount of money. As the house took shape and layout decisions had to be made, he brought forth his thoughts and listened to ours, then "we" made a decision. Many of the little touches in the house were based on Charlie's ideas and things we never would have dreamed of.

Charlie was on site daily, if not twice a day. If I needed to meet with him, he was there. The story I tell is that I tried to get there ahead of him so I could scope things out, but who was there with the yellow pad in hand, you got it.

Since moving in we have had the opportunity to show the house not only to our friends, but to prospective clients of not only Charlie, but of Thistle. We are amazed at the compliments we get.

As one real estate agent told us, you can never build a perfect house, but this house is as near perfect as you can get.

We do not plan on building again, but if we did, Charlie would be the builder.

George & Joan